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Christian Reformed World Missions is the global evangelism arm of the Christian Reformed Church. World Missions leads the church to respond obediently to our Lord’s commission to witness to the good news of God’s kingdom and to make disciples of all nations.

World Missions helps CRC congregations in North America vigorously participate in mission with churches and other Christian organizations throughout the world. Over 200 people serve through and with World Missions in more than 30 countries.

What’s New

During the past year, World Missions has focused on adding value to the mission efforts of individual Christian Reformed congregations. By strengthening relationships with local churches, we have been able to support ministry in countries we couldn’t reach before.

For example, a new partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram in India has enabled us to support the work of nurse-missionaries in Nepal, a country closed to North American missionaries. Partnering with a local CRC to support the ministry of one of their members, an individual of Laotian heritage, has provided a new way for us to support ministry in Laos, another country closed to missionaries. World Missions has also recruited missionaries and partners of Latin American descent to serve throughout the Americas, helping to bridge cultural gaps and extend Christ’s kingdom.

In the task of leading and enabling the CRC in its global mission, World Missions recognizes the blessings of working with other members of the body of Christ. Our diverse list of partner organizations includes

  • The Presbyterian Church of Mizoram
  • International Theological Education Ministries
  • The Bible League
  • East-West Ministries in Russia
  • Haitian Partners for Christian Development
  • Christian Academy in Japan
  • The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico
  • United Bible Societies
  • Association of UNELA in Costa Rica
  • TEKAN in Nigeria.

World Missions has also strengthened its capacity to help churches develop and implement effective missions programs. We have added two Missions Resource Consultants to our staff team. They offer free missions consulting services, lending their expertise and guidance to local churches.

A new special projects coordinator and an education specialist will help World Missions connect churches and Christian schools in North America with the educational institutions to which we are affiliated abroad.

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