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No Study of What Matters are Ecclesiastical

No Study of What Matters are Ecclesiastical
Kathy Smith, synod parliamentarian and professor of church history: Synods have made decisions about what matters are “ecclesiastical” since 1619.
Photo by Steven Herppich

What are “ecclesiastical matters” and what does it mean to deal with them in an “ecclesiastical way?”

Since 1619,  the year that the Synod of Dort approved the original (Dutch) Reformed church order, on which today’s Christian Reformed Church order is based, the rules have said that assemblies—synods, classes, and councils—“shall transact ecclesiastical matters only, and shall deal with them in an ecclesiastical way.” This provision is now Article 28-a in the Church Order of the CRC. 

Synod 2019 asked the Council of Delegates to study the matter, looking in part for a definition of “ecclesiastical.” The discussion was occasioned by certain pronouncements made about ethical and political matters by denominational staff and ministries, especially the Office of Social Justice. Some delegates to Synod 2019 as at other synods believed these pronouncements were not “ecclesiastical.” 

The Council passed the matter back, recommending that Synod 2022 appoint its own study committee, saying “this deserves a more complete study than the Council is equipped to make.”

But synod declined to do so, voting 92-77 not to appoint a study committee.

Several delegates said the decisions over what is ecclesiastical and what is not ecclesiastical should be made by synod. Kathy Smith, synod parliamentarian and professor of church history, said synods have made such decisions since 1619.

Josh Van Drunen, Classis Grand Rapids South, noted that what seems not to be ecclesiastical at one time in the history of the church might at a later date be seen as ecclesiastical.

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