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Synod 2017, the general assembly of the Christian Reformed Church, denied an appeal brought by seven congregations and one individual pastor against a decision by Classis Pacific Northwest (a regional group of churches) to approve a candidate for ministry.

The action of the classis was endorsed by the synodical deputies, representatives of other classes sent to ensure that good order is followed.

A committee of synod examined the materials submitted and recommended that synod not sustain the appeal, stating that proper procedure had been followed.

Some delegates wanted to see the materials themselves. George Koopmans of Classis Alberta South said that in this case synod was acting as a court of appeal, and that as a court of appeal it needed the relevant facts.

Synod did not agree. It voted noted not to sustain the appeal on the basis of the testimony of its committee. 

But Synod did not leave it there. J. Scott Roberts of Classis Pacific Northwest spoke of “deep divisions and rifts” in the classis. He said, “This is a no-win situation.” He requested prayer for Classis Pacific Northwest.

Peter Byma of Classis Grand Rapids North broadened the appeal. He said that “classes are hurting all over our denomination.” Asking for a “spiritual moment,” he suggested that the delegates spend time in prayer for the classes.

As the synod bowed in prayer, the song “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying” emerged spontaneously from the delegates. Synod president Cornelius Pool instructed that a request for prayer for Classis Pacific Northwest be placed in the minutes.

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