Sharing God’s Love in Seattle’s “Neighborhood Living Room”

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“Who is our neighbor? What is loving your neighbor today?” Those were the questions raised at Seattle’s Dream Christian Reformed Church led by Rev. Bomsu Kim.

The congregation decided to answer some of those questions by joining forces with Aurora Commons and its neighborhood living room.

Aurora Commons is a welcoming space for unhoused neighbors to rest, prepare a meal, connect to resources, and collectively create a healthy and vibrant community in the northern part of Seattle, Wash.    

During the deepening dark and encroaching cold of Advent, Dream Church’s Coffee Break Bible study members along with some donors gathered clothing and other necessities, visited with staff, and joined their Christmas party. Kim said, “We simply collected and gave to them.”

Staff at the commons thanked Dream Church. “We want to safely bridge vital resources to hundreds of people in need. They depend greatly on the generosity of supporters like you. Thank you for giving!  Because of you, people have a safe space to be known, cared for, and loved.”

About the Author

Jonathan Kim is a CRC pastor of Ye-Eun Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California. He writes news for The Banner and lives in North Hills, California.