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Two Men Found Guilty of Tim Bosma Murder


More than three years after the murder of Tim Bosma and after months of court testimony, a jury in Hamilton, Ont., found Dellen Millard and Mark Smich guilty of first-degree murder. The verdict carries an automatic sentence of 25 years in prison.

When the verdict was announced, cheers erupted in the courthouse and outside, where people were holding a prayer vigil during the week of jury deliberations.

After the verdict, Sharlene Bosma, Tim’s widow, addressed the media. She thanked all those involved in obtaining the conviction, including the crown attorneys and police investigators. But, she said, “This will not bring Tim back.”

Bosma, 32, left with the two men on May 6, 2013, to test drive a truck he was trying to sell and never returned. More than a week later, police found his burned body. Sharlene and their young daughter are members of Ancaster (Ontario) Christian Reformed Church.

Members of the church surrounded Sharlene and Tim’s parents, also members of Ancaster CRC, with support through the trial, sitting with them in court every day. The supporting community became known around the courthouse as the Bosma Army, capturing the attention of spectators and media alike.

In an interview with CBC the day after the verdict was announced, Bosma was asked how she maintained her faith through the ordeal, she said, “God didn’t do this. It wasn’t his fault.”

Sharlene said her goal now is to go back to “being boring.”

“I choose to live well,” she said.

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