Ontario Man Found Dead Following Abduction

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One day after police announced they had found the body of Tim Bosma, Sharlene Bosma made a statement to the media in a press conference held at the Ancaster Christian Reformed Church.

“Yesterday was the most horrifying day of my life,” Bosma said. “I am broken. Part of me is gone.”

Bosma said words cannot express the family’s gratitude to the Hamilton Police Service for finding her husband, to the media for keeping Tim on the hearts and minds of the public, and to the public for its immense outpouring of support. She also asked for prayers for the weeks, months, even years ahead, noting that this will never really be over for them.

“We will remember Tim. Our daughter will grow up knowing how much he loved her, how he would sometimes watch her sleep, or chase her through the house to tickle,” Bosma said through tears. “She will know how much he was loved, by me, his family, his friends, and even perfect strangers. Tim will always be loved, and he will always  be remembered. I love you, Tim.”

Heidi DeJonge, a pastor in Kingston, Ontario, invited congregations across the denomination to stand in solidarity with the Ancaster CRC as they are mourning, by singing "In Christ Alone" on Sunday, May 19.



MAY 14 -- On Tuesday, May 14, Hamilton (Ontario) police announced they had found the body of Tim Bosma.

“It is with heavy heart that we announce the death of Ancaster resident Tim Bosma,” said police chief Glenn De Caire.

Bosma, 32, was abducted one week earlier on May 6 after going with two men who came to test drive a black 2007 Dodge Ram pick-up truck he was trying to sell.

“It is only a truck,” a tearful Sharlene Bosma said in news conference a few days after her husband went missing.

The Bosmas are members of Ancaster (Ontario) Christian Reformed Church. They have a 2-year-old daughter. His parents, Hank and Mary, also attend Ancaster CRC.

Bosma’s disappearance made national news headlines across Canada and galvanized church communities, Christian Reformed and many others, across Canada and the U.S. to pray. Sunday church bulletins of Christian Reformed churches across Ontario included information about Bosma’s disappearance with requests to further publicize the search for Bosma and to pray for all concerned.

Social media sites were flooded with words of support and encouragement from around the world. Towns across southern Ontario were plastered with posters seeking information about Bosma’s whereabouts.

John Veenstra, transitional pastor for Ancaster CRC, said the church has been hugely supportive of the family. A prayer vigil 24 hours after Bosma disappeared was attended by 250 people even before the media had picked up the story. Another service held on Friday evening drew more than 400.

“We’re the body of Jesus. When one part hurts, we all hurt, and then we take it to the Lord in prayer,” Veenstra said.

Sharlene Bosma echoed that faith in her statement to the media. “Our faith in God has been keeping us strong and has been getting us through the past few days.”

Police have one suspect in custody and are seeking as many as three others.

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This had been on facebook almost since the beginning, and it's a sad story.  Evil things stretch into our lives in different ways, often unexpected.   Our thoughts are with the Bosma's, even when we don't know them, and pray that God will comfort and sustain them. 

The Pioneer CRC of Cedar Springs, Michigan, will stand in unity with our brothers and sisters of the Ancaster CRC through prayer and by singing In Christ alone.  God's peace and comfort to you all!

Pastor Jim 

The Faith CRC of Sioux Center, IA will be remembering the Bosma family and the members of Ancaster CRC on Sunday morning.  We pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit they will be comforted and given the grace, strength and peace they need in the days ahead.  

What a tragedy!  Covenant CRC of North Haledon, New Jersey, will be joining with our family in Ancaster in the singing of "In Christ Alone" and in prayer this Sunday.  May the hope of the Risen Christ provide strength for Tim's family and loved ones.

Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church in Ripon, California will stand with the Bosma family and Ancaster CRC on Sunday night in a joint worship service with Immanuel CRC.  Our thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of this horrible tragedy.  

Our hearts hurt with the Bosmas, and we are praying for them daily. ClearView Church has also committed to sing "In Christ Alone" this coming Sunday to show solidarity in this tragic time.


Praying that God's loving arms will surround and enfold the Bosma family and Ancaster CRC...Gateway Community CRC, Abbotsford, BC grieves and stands in solidarity with you at this tragic time and will be singing "In Christ Alone" on Sunday.

Hi Trevor...nice to see your name;  I am a friend of your dad's and Sharon; (saw them last week at a prayer service for Tim ) I remember you well.   I have family in N.J. (Wayne and Hawthorne) I am encouraging them to attend your church on Sunday.   Such a tragic time here.   Tim was a friend of Kristin's (my daughter - you may remember her) and Julie Fenema who is about to become my daughter in law.  When I visit N.J. next I will look you up.   God Bless your work in Haledon...I used to belong to the church on I believe 8th street - about amillion years ago  let's see I think early 60's  

Joanne Joosse


Smithville CRC will also join in prayer and singing "In Christ Alone" this coming Sunday to show solidarity with the Bosma family and Ancaster CRC in this tragic time.

Our church:   Bethel Christian Reformed Church in DeMotte, IN will also stand with the Bosma family as we confess our faith singing:  In Christ alone, especially as we sing the words:  No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand;  Till he returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I'll stand.   Praying you experience the depths of the comforting power of God during this time.   We can't imagine what you're going through but we believe the promise and the power of God for you.

The people of Trinity CRC in Rock Valley IA will be praying for the Bosma family and singing "In Christ Alone" this Sunday morning. May God give His people peace. ~Stan

Our hearts go out to the Bosmas. Thank God this world is not all there is. We will be praying...

Immanuel CRC in Langley BC will also be singing 'In Christ Alone' in support of the Bosma family and their community in Ancaster, ON.  We pray and know that our Lord will carry them through the days and months and years to come.

Christ Community Church in Victoria will be joining in singing In Christ Alone on Sunday in remembrance of Tim.

Mosaic Church in Bellingham will also join in singing and prayerf support.

Hope Community Church in Riverside, California will be joining you in singing and with our prayers.  May God comfort the Bosma family with HIs overwhelming peace!

New Hope Church, Hamilton, ON sang "In Christ Alone" in solidarity with the Bosma family this morning before we went out to engage in a gardening project for our time of service worship together. A group of our church members are out on a canoe trip in Killarney this long weekend and I suggested to one of the guys that they sing "In Christ Alone" as they canoe on Sunday. 

All Nations Christian Fellowship in Toronto also sang In Christ Alone yesterday.