Report from the Board of Trustees: By God’s Grace, We’ve Made Tremendous Progress

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Rev. Scott Greenway, vice president of the Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church, told delegates of Synod 2015 (the annual leadership meeting of the CRC) that through five years of significant change, some of it painful, God has provided in amazing ways. 

The 30-member board meets three times a year to do the work of synod in between the annual meetings of synod. 

Greenway has been on the board for five years. “In five years, I’ve served alongside three executive directors. There have been other changes in senior administration. When I started, there was no Strategic Planning and Adaptive Change Team, or a task force reviewing structure and culture.”

Greenway named many people who have become senior leaders in the the denomination in the past five years, including Calvin College president Michael Le Roy, executive director Steven Timmermans, director of ministries and administration Colin Watson, Canadian ministries director Darren Roorda, as well as new directors in three agencies. 

“That’s a lot of change in a short period of time,” Greenway said. “By the grace of God we’ve made tremendous progress.”

Providence is a good Reformed word, Greenway said. He told delegates that he has witnessed God’s hand providing again and again, and that can give us great hope for the future. “We can move forward boldly with confidence,” he said. “We know God’s hand will provide. I’ve witnessed it. I’m grateful for it.”


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