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Kuyper College Celebrates 75th Anniversary


“The story of Kuyper College is not a history but a testimony.” That is what the school’s president, Nicholas Kroeze, wrote in the book commemorating the college’s 75th anniversary.

Originally established as Reformed Bible Institute, it was renamed Reformed Bible College and then renamed again to reflect the influence of theologian Abraham Kuyper.

Over the years, the college has grown into a fully accredited four-year institution of 300 students studying in 30 distinct professional programs.

“Today,” Kroeze said, “we are highly encouraged to see the global Christian community espousing the clarity of understanding and guidance to action as expressed through a biblical Reformed worldview—particularly as articulated by Abraham Kuyper.”

Although the college has always been a “specialist” institution that prepares its students for ministry and service, vice president Ken Capisciolto explained how the college has grown over the years and is following its call in the surrounding community.

“As Christianity has spread around the world and the number of churches has grown, ‘missions’ has taken on more of a sense of ‘assistance’ we can provide to church leaders and organizations in other cultures,” he said. “Even though we recognize the shift that has taken place with regard to the role of contemporary missions, we still do prepare and have graduates who engage in more traditional missionary activities, both domestically and in more remote parts of the world where a native church does not yet exist.”

From the first years of operation under administrator Johanna Timmer to the accreditation and global engagement efforts initiated by Dr. Dick L. Van Halsema, the institution has worked to create academic goals adhering to a praxis emphasis—one that encourages addressing contemporary questions and issues according to Reformed doctrine.

“This college is about and for [God],” said Kroeze. “Our celebrations are about his glory. These thoughts are what frame our vision of the future.”

Anniversary celebrations include a celebration gala with keynote speaker Dr. Richard Mouw.

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