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Ontario Church Celebrates Hockey Day in Canada


Playing road hockey is a rite of childhood for most Canadian kids. So Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Woodstock, Ontario, brings adults and kids together every year for a road hockey tournament to raise both fun and funds.

The road hockey tournament is an annual event in Woodstock, Ontario.

The event is run by the church’s Cadets and youth group to raise funds for mission trips, SERVE projects, and the Cadet Camporee.

But it is also a way to draw community members to the church for a full day of fun and friendly competition. This year, 12 teams came out for the main three-on-three tournament, while five teams of younger players competed in the day’s indoor mini-stick hockey tournament.

The tournament started out as a fundraiser for a trip to Haiti. “One year, the proceeds went to buy new gym equipment. The last three years, it’s gone to the Cadets and youth,” said Harry Kiers, a Cadet counselor who helps with the organizing.

It also helps build leadership as younger Cadets referee the mini-stick competition and older Cadets and counselors plan, referee, and participate in the road hockey. The youth group and their parents plan and run a refreshment area, which raises extra funds for the event.

They plan the event to coincide with the annual Hockey Day in Canada, a day when communities across the country organize hockey-related events.

“Each town usually has something happening,” said Kiers. For Woodstock, Maranatha CRC has filled that gap.

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