Where U At? 2011

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More than 200 teens attended this year’s Where U At? conference, an annual gathering for urban teens put on by Youth Unlimited.

Anthony Bennett, 17, had a great time, despite having dislocated his knee during the weekend. “This is one of the best things our church goes to,” he said.

Gayla R. Postma

Held in Evart, Mich., this year’s theme focused on leaving a legacy. “We learned about leaving a legacy for Christ,” said London Johnson, 17. “We’re not too young, and there’s no excuse.” Johnson, from Grand Rapids, Mich., attended as part of a leadership-in-training program.

Dutcher Snedeker, 18, was attending for his fourth time, this year as part of the worship team. “The transforming night is Saturday night,” he said. “God just comes in.” Snedeker, a member of Madison Square Church, a Christian Reformed congregation in Grand Rapids, said this year’s high-quality drama made things very real for kids.

For Joel De Jong, 15, this was his first Where U At? event. “I love it,” he said. “The best thing was the altar call.” De Jong attends Madison at Ford, a church plant from Madison Square. “I’d definitely come again.”

Teens from Oakdale Park CRC and Roosevelt Park Community CRC also attended. In addition, Where U At?  Regularly draws teens from a number of other denominations.

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This is an excellent program! We all need encouragement and reminders to "leave a legacy for Christ". Thank you!