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GEMS, Cadet Counselors Swap Roles


Counselors for the GEMS (girls’ ministry) and Cadets (boys’ ministry) swapped roles for an evening at Fruitport (Mich.) Christian Reformed Church.

While the Cadet counselors helped girls build pinewood derby cars for the church’s annual race, GEMS counselors took the boys to the kitchen, where they earned a baking badge while making cookies and muffins for the whole group.

“The girls learned what boys can do, and the boys learned what the girls can do,” said Cadet counselor Dennis Kuiper.

The switch was also a hit with the kids. “I have never built anything, but now I want to do it again,” said Carly Sumerix, 11.

From the kitchen, Davis Gilbert, 7, reported, “We made different types of muffins, surprise muffins with jelly and applesauce inside them.”

Cloe Morse, 10, admitted the boys did a pretty good job with the snack.

The idea for the switch originated with First CRC in Muskegon, Mich. “We [first] offered the counselor switch about six years ago,” said Bryan Archer, Cadets head counselor for First CRC. Archer said the girls seemed to enjoy the switch the most. “The girls really love it because they are learning things and doing activities they normally don’t get the chance to do.”

 “It was fun to switch it up and offer something different for the clubs,” said Becky Kuiper, GEMS head counselor for Fruitport CRC. They counselors plan to do so again.

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