Walking Appalachia for Africa

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Africa and the Appalachian Trail may seem light-years apart, but Lou Haveman, 60, brought them together in a unique way. Haveman, who spent 22 years in missions in Africa, hiked the 2,000-mile trail from Georgia to Maine to raise money for African relief, to reflect on his life, and to show that everyday activities can glorify God. 

“I wanted to take something common and everyday and give it holiness. I’d like to challenge people in the Christian Reformed Church to think about what it is you do in your work or common activities and make it a blessing for other people. God has given you something you can do for him,” he said. He and his wife, Jan, are members of River Terrace Christian Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan.

Haveman’s hike, which took from March to September to complete, brought in $7,734 for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, $4,755 for Partners Worldwide, and $45,306 for the Reformed Church in America’s African work.

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