Synod 2006: CRC to Study Belhar Confession

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Synod 2006 authorized the CRC’s Interchurch Relations Committee to formally study the Belhar Confession to see if it is applicable to and compatible with the confessional basis of the Christian Reformed Church.

The United Reformed Churches in South Africa asked the CRC to discuss the Belhar Confession with a view to adopting it in the future. It is a recently written document still under discussion among South African churches and deals with racial unity. According to the confession, the credibility of the message of the life-giving Word and Spirit “is seriously affected and its beneficial work obstructed when it is proclaimed in a land which professes to be Christian, but in which the enforced separation of people on a racial basis promotes and perpetuates alienation, hatred and enmity.”

The CRC hopes to discuss the Belhar Confession simultaneously with the Reformed Church in America.

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