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January 18, 2011 - 

I feel like this is a calling. God has put us on the earth to do this work for others,” said Tena Alblas, a member of Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Brockville, Ontario.

Alblas helps coordinate a group that makes mats for Haitians out of the plastic bags that are used to package milk in Ontario.

Every week more than 15 women meet to make plastic bag “yarn.” They then take the yarn home to crochet or knit large sleeping mats for children and adults.

They have been doing this work for several years, and Coba Bangma said Christian schools and individuals around the community are getting involved.

Since the earthquake in Haiti, media coverage has been strong. Alblas said, “All in all, it’s a bit overwhelming! All the phone calls I get—I don’t know who’s who anymore!”

Some women also make fabric quilts. Donations have even been coming from northern New York, where women struck up a conversation in a fabric store. A Montreal (Quebec) company donates rolls of flannel.

When a large package of recycled milk bags comes in the mail to the church, the women laugh. It is just one more example of how the mission is growing. Alblas says, “The blessing comes from helping others.”

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