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Here’s a small sample of what was posted to The Network in the first two months. We’ll be updating this list with new postings in Church at Work in upcoming Banner issues.

Church Membership Software
—by Duane in the Church Administration network

Should Christians Use Credit Cards?
—by Mike in the Stewardship network

Including People with Autism in Church Life
—by Mark in the Disability Concerns network

Pastoral Care for Those ‘Living Together’
—by Neil in the Elders network

Prayer Walking
—by Pete in the Prayer Ministry network

Music-Dominated Worship
—by John in the Worship network

How to Start a Church Website
—by Dave in the Church and Web network

Low and Irregular Attendance
—by Nick in the Sunday School network

Children at the Lord’s Supper
—by Clay in the Church Order network

Why I Don’t Tweet
—by Jim in the Pastors network

Spiritual Abuse
—by Beth in the Safe Church network

Global Mission 101
—by Steve in the Global Missions network

Parents Involved in Youth Ministry
—by Marcel in the Youth Ministry network

Missional Church
—by Ryan in the Church Planting network

Profession of Faith Materials for Grades 6-8
—by Hebron CRC in the Sunday School network

The Heidelberg Catechism Is on the Cutting Edge of Youth Ministry!
—by Marcel in the Youth Ministry network

Taking Care of the Pastor
—by Neil in the Elders network

Wedding Guidelines
—by Rob in the Pastors network

Men’s Bible Study Material
—by Renae in the Small Groups network

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