Korean Teachers Observe Christian Ed in Iowa

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South Korean Christian school teachers visited Iowa this winter to learn from North American Christian school teachers.

The visit was the idea of Rev. Jung Ho Suh, a pastor in the Korean Presbyterian Church and a student at Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Suh said that South Korean Christian schools battle many obstacles, including no government support, poor teacher pay, lack of teacher training from a Christian viewpoint, and the fact that the present teachers did not attend a Christian school themselves or experience that community.

“What they need the most help with is actually seeing how the principles of Christian education are put into practice in the classroom,” Suh said.

Suh brought his first group of teachers to Pella in 2006, and brought a second group in January 2007.

Two teachers, a school chaplain, and a translator stayed with Christian Reformed church members in Pella and spent three weeks observing in the Pella Christian schools.

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