CRC Leader’s Faith Remains Strong in Adversity

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Rev. David Engelhard continues to testify to the love of Christ, even as his body deteriorates.

Engelhard, 64, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in early 2005, forcing him to end his work as the general secretary of the Christian Reformed Church (see Banner, September 2005). He is now in a nursing care facility and in rapidy declining health.

Rev. Peter Borgdorff, executive director of the CRC and a longtime colleague and friend of Engelhard, said Engelhard’s spirit is good and his faith is strong. “He is appreciative and at peace,” Borgdorff said. “David and Jeanne are grateful for the support of family and friends and are sustained by the assurance of the Lord’s presence in their circumstances.”

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Gayla Postma retired as news editor for The Banner in 2020.