Building Community Through Sport


Reaching kids through sports is a passion of Rev. David Lindner, pastor of Bridge of Life Christian Reformed Church in Sacramento, Calif.

Four years ago, Lindner began Sports 4 Life, a youth sports league for children ages 7 to 15 years old. While sports bring kids in initially, Lindner said community is the focus.

All Sports 4 Life board members come from the local community. Costs for the league are kept low, and scholarships are available. All games and practices are held within walking distance of the neighborhood school so that students without access to transportation can be involved. 

“Part of our vision is to do more than just sports or competition, but to provide for the kids in the community,” said Lindner.

Speakers, professional athletes, police officers, and firefighters have come to interact with the kids and coaches. “We are called by God to recognize the inherent beauty, dignity, and God-given resources of each community,” said Lindner.

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