Bomb Scare at Calvin College

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Four homemade pop-bottle bombs were planted near two dormitories at Calvin College in early November. The bombs were discovered by campus safety officers. One bottle exploded while officers were investigating, but no one was injured.

As of this printing, no suspects had been identified.

“Our sense is that this is just kids fooling around,” said Calvin’s public relations director, Phil de Haan, “but the kids that are doing it aren’t thinking it through very clearly.”

Grand Rapids police and the college security staff shared investigation of the incidents. If identified, a perpetrator would face criminal penalties including fines and possible jail time. If the perpetrator were a Calvin student, he or she would also likely be expelled, de Haan stated.

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Roxanne Van Farowe is a freelance writer living in North Carolina. She has reported on synod, the annual decision-making gathering of the CRC, for many years.