Asian Pastors Hold Leadership Summit

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The 25 Asian congregations in the Christian Reformed Church have tended to be scattered and isolated, but that has changed. First they formed a website to increase contact with one another, and this past June they held their first leadership summit.

Calling the event the “Southeast Asian and Pacific Island (SEAPI) Christian Reformed Leadership Summit,” the group included leaders of all ages, male and female, from Cambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Samoa, China, Laos, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Conference organizer Rev. Fernando del Rosario said the summit was held to assess the health and potential of these churches and to develop plans for further ministry collaboration.

“We are transitioning into an expanded group, from the original 12 pastors in a peer-learning group,” said del Rosario. He said the 56 leaders who attended the conference left with a broader sense of the purpose of their churches in the United States and Canada.

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