350,000 Brothers and Sisters

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The Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN), started by the CRC in North America, has grown to 350,000 members in what Emily Brink told delegates is “a marvelous answer to the prayers, work, and efforts by so many people in the early years of our mission work as a denomination.”

“We want to assure you, as the Scripture says, that your work is not in vain,” said Rev. Bahago Istifanus Bala, one of the two delegates the CRCN sent to Synod 2008. “God has used you to bring hope. Now there are people experiencing life in its fullness.”

Like the fraternal delegate from the Reformed Church of Christ in Nigeria, Bala expressed joy at the reconciliation of the two Nigerian Reformed churches in 2003. The CRCN now has 110 organized churches and 360 worship centers spread across Nigeria and beyond.

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Dan Postma is an occasional reporter for The Banner.