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Protagonist Zeynap Altin needs a new life. Really.

Unfortunately, Zey must confront this tough fact on a tough day: the day of her mother’s funeral. Why? Her longtime husband can’t be bothered with her, while her father only demands things of her, and her teenage daughter only complains. What’s a middle-aged woman to do?

Hmm. Why not escape Munich to a Croatian house on a cliff over the sea that—surprise!—her mother owned?

And so begins this quirky romantic comedy that’s been the No. 1 Netflix film in Switzerland. Think a less-serious “Enchanted April” meets the 21st century.

Zey collides with Josip played by Croatian actor Goran Bogdan, who thinks the house on the cliff is still his. Mixed with irascibility is his kindness. He wisely begins to coach Zey by alerting her to what Croatia can teach her. “The island has a soul, a history,” he says.

Swiss-Israeli actress Naomi Krauss (Zey) steals scenes. She has this lovely spark—along with a softer pair of Elizabeth Taylor eyes. Other mature women might laugh as hard as I did over Zey’s adventures in clothing—or should we call them “misadventures”?

(Note: We don’t condone adultery of any kind, even if, in the case of this movie, the story might seem to justify it.)

From directing to camera work, a team of women made “Faraway,” including award-winning German director Vanessa Jopp, who teamed with German scriptwriter Jane Ainscough.

A worthy message suggests that a more contemplative life deepens our humanity. Two scenes involve flashes of nudity. Rated TV-M for mature viewing. (Netflix)

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