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The Porter’s Gate has partnered with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries to create an album of songs about mental health and faith. The Porter’s Gate was formed to write worship songs for those liturgical moments that typically don’t have a lot of songs written about them. Their latest album, Sanctuary Songs, lifts up those of us who are struggling and expresses the peace that Christ brings.

This is an album that can serve as a resource for churches during seasons when they are experiencing times of lament or grieving. The songs are full of lines that bring comfort and remind us of God’s care, like “O God, in your wounds I find room for all of mine,” in the song “Christ is Lower Still.” The songs are never trite, nor do they minimize the hurt that we all feel at times. In “Good to Me” we hear, “I can taste the sweetness of your mercy, but I feel the sting of grief still in my chest.”

The music is acoustic-based, and most songs could be easily learned by a congregation. This is more than just a church music resource, though. The album itself is a beautiful recording of sensitive songs that can be listened to in one’s home to reflect on the message, “Come, all who are weary. I will give you rest.” (Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries)

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