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In the five years since the artist collective known as the Porter’s Gate was first gathered by Isaac Wardell, composer, producer and director for worship arts at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Va., they have released six albums of worship music. These albums have blessed the church while speaking prophetically as we grapple with how our theology and our lives as 21st-century believers should intersect. The group consists of songwriters, worship leaders, and singers who are some of the most thoughtful writers of music that is listenable as art and also can be used well in worship by a congregation. 

Their latest album, Climate Vigil Songs, celebrates the good creation that God has given to us (as we hear in “God of Grace and Mystery”), points to how things are not as they should be (as in “Keep, Watch and Pray”), and encourages us to action to set it right (as in “Bring in the Year of Jubilee”). The artists make this point subtly, putting our focus on praising God instead of the singers and players, and places creation care clearly in a worship context. Climate Vigil Songs is another outstanding collection of songs from the Porter’s Gate, one that will help listeners and worship leaders to think deeply about how to care for what God has given us. (Integrity Music)

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