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Every child longs for a pet, and Albert is no different. It is the only thing he wants for his birthday and Christmas. But his parents always say no. And for good reason. Mom is allergic to cats. Other pets need big yards. A giraffe is just out of the question. Everyday Albert begs. 

Then one day his father surprises him with a small nicely wrapped gift. A pet. Albert is so disappointed when the promised pet is a potato. But then again, Dad is always playing jokes on Albert. Albert places the potato on the dresser.  

But then Albert notices something. Potatoes cannot look sad and lonely, but his potato does. A friendship is born. Albert takes the potato everywhere and they become fast friends. 

Potatoes do not last forever, and Albert’s heart is broken with sadness. Together with his dad, Albert buries the potato in the garden. But potato’s story is not over. 

This is a fresh story with classic themes of longing, friendship, and sharing. The simple illustrations carry the emotions of both Albert and his potato pet so well. Recommended as a read-aloud for any young child. The ending will bring a smile to all ages. Ages 3 –7. (Roaring Book Press)


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