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Contemporary worship powerhouse Elevation Worship has released a new album that blends modern reflections of God’s goodness and sovereignty with similar references found in traditional hymns.

Can You Imagine? is a new project that comes on the heels of Lion, the band’s Grammy-nominated, 15-track album released last year. By comparison, Can You Imagine? consists of a modest eight tracks, two of which—“More Than Able” and “Trust in God”—had early releases as singles. Some songs from this album feature vocals from Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore and Brandon Lake, reminiscent of the two collectives’ joint album Old Church Basement from 2021.

While Can You Imagine? isn’t all that revolutionary of a project, it stands as a reflection of Elevation Worship’s signature style of upbeat songs intermixed with emotional ballads. “More Than Able” begins at a slower pace before the build-up into a powerful anthem, reflecting the idea that anything is possible with God. “Make a Way” echoes similar feelings of God’s ability to make a way through difficult situations. The album wraps up with “Praise,” which serves as a dance-worthy encapsulation of joy and energy. 

Upon closer listen, it becomes evident that Elevation Worship drew inspiration from traditional hymns with this new project. “Trust in God,” for example, pulls in lyrics and elements from the classic hymn “Blessed Assurance.” The new rendition has been reworked with a contemporary feel, though the addition of a choir conveys more of a traditional style. “Been So Good” includes references to "What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and emphasizes God’s goodness and love. By blending these elements together, the album offers more of an enriched listening experience.

Overall, it seems the theme of Can You Imagine? is to convey a sense of wonder—to marvel at the incredible things our God is more than able to do. “Why do I talk myself out of seeing miracles? You are more than able,” the band sings. It’s these kind of helpful reminders that help guide and shape our faith.

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