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Up-and-coming music collective Maverick City Music is known for pushing the boundaries of worship music, and the latest EP, Move Your Heart, is a prime example.

Originating in Atlanta, Ga., Maverick City Music was founded with the intention of creating space for diversity and marginalized voices within Christian music. In a second collaboration with UPPERROOM, a music group centered around the UpperRoom prayer and worship movement, they produced Move Your Heart. It was released Jan. 29 and has remained near the top of the iTunes charts for Christian music.

Part of what makes Move Your Heart so unique—and what Maverick City Music is known for—is the blending of contemporary Christian and gospel music styles to create a dynamic worship experience. The EP features live recordings of original worship songs that mix worship elements like repetition and rising/falling musical intensity with call-and-response and group singing as done in gospel music. This makes for engaging music that is sure to make listeners stop and take notice.

Move Your Heart also captures the range of emotions that often coincide with worship. “I Thank God” is an upbeat and dance-worthy anthem, whereas “Your Blood Is Strong Enough” is more serious and thought-provoking. “Everything Is Yours” and “I Want to See You” are followed by the word “spontaneous,” indicating that these songs were recorded naturally and freely. This growing new trend in worship music allows music to come from the heart and from the Holy Spirit, and Maverick City Music nails that authentic feel.

It’s evident that this project sprang forth from a genuine passion for music, community, and, most importantly, God. “The night of our live recording wasn’t about capturing songs, but worshiping the one we love,” said the UPPERROOM team on their website. “These songs are an offering to him.”

Move Your Heart is available for streaming on all major music platforms.

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