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Author Cornelius Plantinga, senior research fellow at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, offers refreshing insights, pastoral encouragement, and, at times, laugh-out-loud scenarios in these reflections, which are intended to help readers make space to mull over, consider, and dwell on Scripture: “You might say they chew on it like a cud, pressing out its juices and swallowing them. Simply put, they want God’s Word to feed them.”  

Plantinga hopes his reflections will help readers dig more deeply into biblical texts and, consequently, avoid superficial and misleading interpretations. He also points out that reflecting deeply on Scripture “sharpens our loves and hates, aiming them at their proper objects.” Finally, he suggests, meditating on God’s Word opens eyes and hearts to see and understand how to live as faithful, devoted citizens of the kingdom of God. He explains, “This is the obvious implication of getting our loves and hates appropriately sharpened.”   

Earlier versions of several reflections were published decades ago in Christianity Today and Christian Century, but Plantinga’s teaching and insight remain relevant for today. Combined with more recently written reflections, Under the Wings of God is a book to be savored and returned to again and again. (Brazos Press)


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