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Author Brant Hansen’s quirky insights, laugh-out-loud humor, empathy for emotionally and physically wounded people, and celebration of the biblical vision of the new heaven and new earth combine to make his book a delightful invitation to embrace the kingdom of God.

As a young man, Hansen was severely disillusioned by the Christian church. His father was an abusive pastor who damaged his family and congregation. Also, social media offered an avalanche of news about corrupt and unfaithful church leaders and hateful diatribes about the church. Hansen wondered if he wanted to be “associated with this lunacy.”

However, instead of focusing on the brokenness of the institutional church, Hansen clung to Jesus’ words about the kingdom of God as revealed in Scripture. He writes, “The cultural tide is strong ... and if my experience of the Christian thing was based on weekly worship concerts with fog machines or church-camp memories or the mega-scandal of the day or politely served chicken sandwiches—however zesty—well, I’m out of there too. But I’m convinced of this: Once we’ve seen the reality of the kingdom of God, it’s very hard to walk away. It’s just too good.”

Hansen explores how the hallmarks of Jesus’ kingdom are salvation, joy, peace, healing, hope, prayer, humility, trust, and all that leads to human flourishing as ordained by God. Foundational to his book is the truth that God is good and that when we trust God’s goodness, our lives are anchored—spiritually, physically, and emotionally—in a way impossible to attain by any other means.

Though recommended for all Christians who want to grow in their enthusiasm and joy by living a kingdom-of-God-life, this book is also suited for those who have become disillusioned with the institutional church and need encouragement to fix their eyes on Jesus. (Thomas Nelson)

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