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Rafa and his papá love to measure things and are happiest when they know “exactly how much.” They measure Rafa’s toy train, they time exactly how far they can run in 22 minutes, and they calculate how high their dog can jump. When Rafa and his papá climb exactly 14 branches to get to their favorite branch, Rafa says, “There’s nothing we can’t measure, right, Dad? Measuring is what we do best!”  

The pair continue to measure everything in sight, and wonder: Which cloud is the puffiest? Which ball is the bounciest? Which dress-up clothes are the fanciest? Suddenly Rafa exclaims, “Wait! What about love? Can we measure that?” Rafa’s delightful questions intensify: Is love as “tall and scrumptious” as a piled-high sandwich? Is love as “long and floaty” as a boat? Then he becomes more personal: “Is your love for me as tall as Tio Humberto? As mighty as an ox? As sturdy as an oak tree?” Rafa’s papá listens intently until Rafa demands, "How much?!" Rafa’s papá scoops the boy into his arms, settles into a hammock, embraces his precious son, kisses his forehead, and says, “This much.” In a delightful conclusion to this heartwarming picture book for young children, author and illustrator Joe Cepeda writes, “And THAT MUCH is just fine with Rafa.” Whimsical illustrations and a humorous narrative bring to life the charming, engaging relationship of a young boy and his father, and celebrate their immeasurable love for each other. 

(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

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