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Canadian Jon Buller graces the music world again with his first full-length record since 2009, “Come Awake.” The executive director of Hear the Music Ministries offers two original songs, “Blessed” and “Thankful,” plus other popular worship songs including, “Goodness of God,” “Come as You Are,” “Lion and the Lamb,” and “Christ is Risen.” “I would say this is a WORSHIP recording in essence, not so much in genre,” Buller said in a release. “There’s lots that falls into the category of ‘worship music,’ but not all of it is like this. It’s meant to help you take a long, deep breath and be awakened to a sense of peace, rest, hope, or thankfulness. These are all things I’d say we could use more of these days.” The instrumentation on this pop-sounding project is diverse and includes strings, bouzouki, and mandola. Buller shows his versatility as a musician, playing the acoustic guitar, organ, and piano. The song, "Blessed," is a hopeful tune based upon suffering theology from the Sermon on the Mount. Part of the lyrics state, “Blessed are the gentle; This earth they will receive; Blessed are the merciful; They will be shown mercy; I’m finally starting to see; I would have not guessed; But this is what it is to be … blessed.” Buller and others who appear on the record give listeners encouraging messages to live out their faith. (

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