The World Is Awake for Little Ones: A Celebration of Everyday Blessings by Linsey Davis

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Spring is the time to remind children how God is making all things new again. This book presents a child’s view of the world as a place full of divine grace, and finds rhythmic expression in poetic verses: “The world is awake—it’s a wonderful place, alive with God’s power and glad with his grace.” From sunrise to sunset, children are guided to see the world and its creator’s fingerprints. “The gifts of the Lord are found everywhere, and all that I see is just like a prayer.”

In this book, this family travels to the zoo and then the market, observing and participating in God’s abundance. The playful animals seem to celebrate the creator’s joy. Reading this reminds me of the song “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” As the day closes, little ones learn to thank God for a day’s adventure. The calm night reminds them of God’s love. 

This is the perfect bedtime book for parents to read with their young children. It encourages conversation about God’s presence in creation and our daily lives. The artwork is beautiful, and the presentation of children is inclusive. The rhyming words also strike a heartwarming and peaceful chord (ZonderKidz).

About the Author

Mary Li Ma, Ph.D., is a a member of Plymouth Heights CRC church in Grand Rapids, Mich.