One Earth by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Rogerio Coelho

One Earth
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Children need to experience the wonder and awe of nature before they desire to love and conserve it. This poetic picture book works well with young hearts to nurture that desire. Its vibrant illustrations also present the theme of creation care with a carefully crafted counting and rhyming scheme. From 1 to 10, the first pages celebrate the wonders of our natural world: “One wide, sweeping sky. Two honeybees.” Counting down from 10 to 1, the book relates our daily life with ways to bless our natural surroundings by helping care for the earth: “Ten scraps of litter? Toss them in the trash. Nine empty bottles? Turn them in for cash.” This book is perfect teaching material for a young child’s awareness of environmental accountability. Through short, lyrical verses, the book reveals Earth’s manifold beauties. The conclusion also reasserts the urgency of creation care: “One Earth so beautiful—only one.” (WorthyKids)

About the Author

Mary Li Ma, Ph.D., is a a member of Plymouth Heights CRC church in Grand Rapids, Mich.