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Each of the 31 chapters included in author Glenys Nellist’s illustrated Bible storybook begins and ends in wondering. Titles start with “I wonder about” and introduce young readers to biblical characters caught up in God’s salvation plan being worked out in the world through the coming of his son, Jesus Christ. As children meet Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Rahab, Ruth and Naomi, Daniel, Nehemiah, Mary, Jesus, John the Baptist, the first disciples, and many more, Nellist offers them avenues for wondering. For example, following the story about Joseph forgiving his brothers when he was reunited with them in Egypt, Nellist writes, “I wonder ... if God can still bring good out of bad situations. / … if it was hard for Joseph to forgive his brothers. / …how Joseph knew that God had never left him.” 

Imaginative and inspirational, Nellist’s narrative points young children to God’s faithfulness, love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy, and invites them to ponder how they are a part of God’s great story: “God is still reaching out to us—calling out in that quiet voice to all who will listen. And for all who will hear, and for all who will respond, the wonderful story of Jesus is still being told.”  

Illustrator Alessandra Fusi’s artwork—serene, peaceful scenes; worshipful, prayerful portraits; and vigorous, dynamic pictures—make the biblical world and God’s work within it come alive.  Recommended as a worthy addition to a family’s devotional resources. 


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