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Kindness and care for others is probably the most important social skill a child could learn in life. This rhyming story book is packed with engaging details and inspiring insights into a child’s emotional life. 

It tells how a boy named Lucas first teased his classmate Lisa for wearing glasses and then later was haunted with regrets. Noticing his depressed mood, Lucas’ mother asked him about what had happened in school. She also explained what kindness means: “Kindness is shown when you say a gentle word. Be kind to your sister, and even a bird.” The next day, Lucas changed his ways. He thanked mom for making breakfast. He invited a new student to sit next to him. Most importantly, he apologized to Lisa. 

Children learn by examples. The author uses Lucas as a model to show how kindness in an ordinary boy (who sometimes makes mistakes) can spread around him. Each rhyming page lists an area of life where one can show kindness and compassion. These include home, school, sidewalks, at the playground, parks, and nature. It encourages children to learn to grow into kindness toward others: “Kindness is something anyone can learn: Give to others and ask nothing in return.” Through its simple plot, it also shows that being kind is really its own reward: “Helping others is simply the best thing to do. When you are kind, kindness comes back to you.” The author illustrates this “circle of kindness” by drawing Lucas happily playing a boomerang in the park. 

At the back of the book, there are simple exercises to practice kindness to others in life. The author stresses intentionality: “Any act of kindness no matter how big or small can make a difference—especially when done intentionally.” (Independently published)

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