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This is a rhyming story about empathy. It begins with seeing a friend sad or crying. “Have you ever seen someone crying and wanted to cry too? … This feeling of wanting to help has a special name. And once you have it in you, you will never be the same.” Empathy is “a pure sign of humanity” with kindness at its very core. 

Empathy also shows up in feeling the same emotions as your friends, including joy and even anger. “When someone is feeling angry and steaming, full of rage, if you have empathy, you will feel as if you are on the same page.” This is because empathy shows “I see you, and I understand.”

This book also makes a good point that empathy is a choice. There are many ways to choose empathy: by using your voice or by your actions of kindness. “Being empathetic is saying and showing that you care.”

Empathy is a gift. It is also something you can give. Empathy can become contagious in a community. If you would like to teach children about empathy and compassion, this book can be a great resource. (Independently Published)

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