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“The Joy of Being” by Citizens validates its title—it is simply a joy to listen to over and over again.

The instrumentation is striking. The harmony and varied voices make this a rich listening experience. (Five talented women musicians—Shea Salisbury, Taylor Leonhardt, Jess Ray, Sandra McCraken and Chaundra Jefferson—join Citizens for a blended sound.)

The opening song, “Heaven Is in Our Sight,” sets the tone, starting out with quiet reflection and then finishing with driving guitars. “Forgive Us” centers on asking God for forgiveness and developing a spirit of forgiving others. Citizens focuses on the overall theme of “being” rather than “doing.” "We are living at a point in history where people are burned out more than they would say they are thriving," said Zach Bolen of Citizens in a release. "I think much of that is the result of doing a lot of things without a lot of purpose. Or maybe a better way to say it is, we 'do' more than 'be.'” Sit back and savor this recording and allow it to speak to your soul. (Integrity Music)

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