Faithful God by I Am They

Faithful God
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I Am They focuses on vulnerability in themselves and their listeners, and Faithful God—album No. 3—testifies strongly to that mission. Themes include celebration, trust, and thankfulness. The music reflects solid pop with a little folk and a ballad or two mixed in. The title cut was penned in response to vocalist Matt Hein’s friend’s up-and-down fight with cancer. The powerful lyrics in the chorus state: “I will sing through fire and thunder; ‘Cause You are on my side; I trust you with my life; I know my story isn’t over; Even against all odds; You are a faithful God; You’re a faithful God.” Another favorite is the declaration, “Found My Freedom,” a song multi-Grammy Award winner Matt West co-wrote and sings on the album. The opening selection, “Delivered,” offers an uptempo piece in victory mode. Vocalist Abbie Parker summed up the album in a telephone interview: “I think it’s just the type of music we need right now,” she said, “a reminder of God’s faithfulness—our true purpose—our true story.” Faithful God hits the mark.

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.