Wildest Dreams by Ryan Stevenson

Wildest Dreams
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Sometimes a recording draws a listener in quickly, and that is the case with Ryan Stevenson’s “Wildest Dreams.” There’s a certain ease and an inviting feel to it. The music offers up-tempo pop with some electropop elements and a couple of soothing ballads. Themes are trust and dependence upon God. “These songs are a collection of deep prayers, brokenness, joy, victory, celebration, defeat, pain, grief and reflection," said Stevenson in a release. "It makes me feel so many things; most importantly, it moves my heart closer to Jesus.” The title cut is strong and part of the chorus states: “It’s better than my wildest, wildest dreams; I see your fingerprints in every, everything; Don’t need to worry what tomorrow’s gonna bring; Cause I know it is true; Everything that you do.” The song, “My ’90s,” offers a fun personal reflection and a reminder that the cellphone wasn’t always with us. Another selection, “Mercy in the Dirt,” could claim one of the most unique titles ever. Stevenson’s music career continues to trend upward with vibrant efforts like this one. (Gotee Records)

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.