Land of the Living by Upperroom

Land of the Living
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Upperroom, the music ministry of Upperroom Global with campuses in Texas, Colorado, and India, released its second album Land of the Living early due to COVID-19. The objective of the album revolves around offering hope, peace, and faith. “I feel like this is going to impart hope to a lot of people who may be struggling with hopelessness,” said worship leader Elyssa Smith, in a release. The recording is resonating with listeners as it grabbed the No. 1 spot on iTunes Christian/Gospel Chart and has garnered well over a million streams on Spotify. These songs include “Into the Battle,'' a prayer against anxiety and depression; “Oh the Cross,” a resounding response to the rescuing work of Jesus; and “Rest on Us,” honoring the Holy Spirit. Another jewel is “Emmanuel (Champion of the World)” a high-spirited tune centered on devotion to God. The chorus says, “Champion of the World; Every heart belongs to You; Champion of the World; All of our lives belong to You; You conquered the thief then stole our hearts; All of our lives belong to You.” This album provides a great reminder of God’s faithfulness especially in difficult times.” (The Fuel Music)

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