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We’ve seen the maps of the Holy Land in the backs of our Bibles, and we often see what is in the news about Israel and Palestine. This oddly titled book will help readers better understand the situation.

With seven parts including essays or pieces by 29 authors, thoughtful readers will find a wealth of information and insight in this nuanced book. Many people who have thought about or taken tours to Israel have questions that need to be explored and someday answered: Why don't I hear more about this in my church? What about the solution to this conflict? How can peace come to the Middle East, and what part do North American Christians in particular have to play in it? 

From reviewing the history of the land to helping understand Christian Zionism and explaining ways of peacemaking, this book is a helpful guide to thinking about what seem to be intractable issues. It is pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace/justice and so very needed at a time when there is so much confusion, misunderstanding, and in too many instances one-sidedness. The editor is the director of churches for Middle East Peace and does speaking tours with another helpful group, Kairos USA. This book adds to the biblical injunction to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Read and act. (Cascade)

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