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Reader-Submitted Review: Afterwards I Knew by by Christine Farenhorst

Christine Farenhorst is a gifted story teller and author of several books. Her late father, Louis Praamsma, was a CRC minister who taught for a time at Calvin Theological Seminary. Farenhorst's most recent books are Afterwards I Knew: Stories from the First and Second World Wars and The Merciful Eye: Stories from the Middle Ages. Afterwards I Knew will be of particular interest to Banner readers. In vivid and at times spine-chilling prose, these gripping stories give readers a feel for the faith challenges and moral dilemmas faced by Dutch Christians who protected Jews from the Nazis. There is also a strong emphasis on the goodness of divine providence. The books are aimed at readers ages 12 and up; yet as one reviewer notes, "Children can read these stories, but I think they might have to tear them from the hands of their parents." (CF4K Books)

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J. Cameron Fraser recently retired from pastoral ministry and now works with Streets Alive Mission and Rehoboth Christian Ministries in Lethbridge and area, Alberta. He also serves as stated clerk of Classis Alberta South & Saskatchewan.