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On a Caribbean island, boys and girls gather in a pasture for a game of soccer. The local fruit vendor referees the friendly, spirited, competitive game. When a tropical rainstorm threatens to end the fun, the children refuse to quit, playing on in the driving rain and high winds till the storm subsides and the sun peeks through the clouds. The game finally concludes when the persistent calls of loving mothers beckon the children home for supper.

The Field is a celebration of a sport that is loved and played throughout the world, regardless of a person’s race, gender, social status, or economic well-being. Author Baptiste Paul based this children’s picture book narrative on his experiences growing up in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. He peppers the story with Creole phrases and words, adding to its authenticity and vitality.

Jacqueline Alcántara’s bright, vivacious illustrations sing the joys of community, family, sports, and life. Ages 4 and up. (NorthSouth Books)

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