Draw the Line by Kathryn Otoshi

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Two little boys draw two happy lines. The boys bump into each other and discover that their two lines can become one line. They jump and dance and run with their long line until one of them becomes tangled in his end. The fun of pulling the line turns into a tug of war. What had once brought so much joy becomes a source of tension and deteriorates into a wide divide.

No words are needed for this simple, wordless story that deals with the complexities of human relationships. Otoshi is well known for her simple uses of line and color. Draw the Line encourages conversation and reflection on finding solutions to conflict and growing friendships. Ages 4 and up. (Roaring Brook Press)

About the Author

Jenny deGroot is a freelance media review and news writer for The Banner. She lives on Swallowfield Farm near Fort Langley B.C. with her husband, Dennis. Before retirement she worked as a teacher librarian and assistant principal.