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Since the publication of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1950 and six subsequent novels comprising The Chronicles of Narnia, author C. S. Lewis (also known as Jack) has become a beloved literary companion of children and adults. Lesser known is Jack’s older brother, Warnie, who played a significant supporting role in Jack’s life, not only on a personal level, but also professionally. In Finding Narnia, author Caroline McAlister shows how the brothers—best friends!—were very different, yet shared the unique worlds they created in their imaginations. While Jack “dreamed up stories of other worlds,” Warnie was passionate about all things mechanical and technological, such as ship building and mapping railway lines.

One day, the brothers discovered a wardrobe in their home. Jack’s imagination soared, and he wondered if the wardrobe had an end. A seed was planted in his mind that day. Years later, it germinated into an imaginary wardrobe, the magical doorway to the land of Narnia—a world that has enthralled countless readers and pointed many to the saving love of Jesus through Lewis’s character, Aslan.

Whether children have read or listened to The Chronicles of Narnia many times, or not at all, Finding Narnia is a delightful exploration of the lives of brothers who God used to give the world a great literary gift.

Illustrator Jessica Lanan’s warm, exquisite watercolor illustrations, capturing the brothers’ vivid imaginations and the verdant Irish landscape where they grew up, complement this informative book for people of all ages. Extensive endnotes from the author and the illustrator provide much insight into Jack and Warnie’s lives. (Roaring Brook Press)

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