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Back in 2011, Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame produced the first in a 13-DVD series that explored the Bible with Muppet-like characters, songs, and guest stars. The final installment was released in 2014. With 1-Hour Bible for Kids, Vischer has condensed the series into one DVD that includes the arc of the whole story.

Lots of fun remains, but this is an extremely information-packed video. Some children will find it too talky, while others will be thoroughly engaged with the characters and music. If you have fans of YouTube stars Rhett and Link at your house, they’ll be delighted to discover a couple of songs from the duo along the way.

While some children won’t want to sit through the whole video (which is 72 minutes, in spite of its title), this might be a great resource for Sunday school teachers or Christian school teachers who could use one small portion of the video at a time. You might want a way to explain the Judges, for instance, or what we mean by the patriarchs, or what Paul’s letters to the churches were all about. The explanation of why Christ died on the cross shows an animation of the stain of our sins appearing on Jesus and will help children grasp a somewhat abstract concept.

Overall, the video has a lot to offer. It’s probably best for ages 6 to 12. You can buy the DVD or rent or buy it digitally from Amazon. (Jellyfish Labs)

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