Manga Messiah Series

Originating in Japan, manga is a comic book style loved the world over. Roald Lidel created Next, a nonprofit company of authors and illustrators, to “reach children who might resist traditional Bible translations and never attend a church.” With its action-packed storytelling, the Manga Messiah series wonderfully illustrates biblical truths. The series is available in 21 languages with more coming. Manga Messiah presents the gospel stories, while Manga Metamorphosis illustrates the book of Acts. Manga Mutinyand Manga Melech go back to the Old Testament, andManga Messengers, due out in September, will continue the story. (Tyndale House)

About the Author

Ron VandenBurg is a Christian school teacher and a theatre and media buff. He is a member of Jubilee Fellowship CRC in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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Thanks for the review Ron. You may be interested to know that there is a CRC connection to the Manga series. David Stravers and I (both ordained in the CRC)helped found and are board members of Next, we worked with the Japanese artists as "story tellers" and editors so that the series tells THE STORY rather than a collection of stories. The original funding for creating the first two books came through the Bible League and the books continue to be a major part of the ministry of the Bible League of Canada.