a mystery, this sad girl
her inner workings cloistered
she retreats to the corner
aloof, withdrawn, quiet
she sits apart
stands apart
all of her
creaking to a halt
she is no longer a well-oiled machine
with all gears
functioning smoothly
moves in slow motion
      load the clothes
      empty the dryer
      fill the dishwasher
her spark is snuffed out
fire smothered by sand
she struggles for freedom
gaining strength to rise
her life’s façade a trompe-l’oeil
fooling everyone except
the most vigilant observer

—Irene Fridsma

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I feel for this woman, and wonder how many lonely people there are in the world. They are people we see everyday, yet of whom we have no real knowledge; who they are, what they think, what they dream, what they mourn. I wonder how we appear to others who wonder about us. Loneliness is much more common than we know. The world is not simply filled with lonely people, it is crowded with them.

Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:1-2

Dear sister,

Our Lord God is a consuming fire, and your heart is made to have the Lord of God in the midst of it. The Lord God said that He is the bread of life. When you eat bread, your teeth take it in small pieces into your body, and the bread gets absorbed as part of you.

In the same way, when you eat the Bible, this bread of life, your understanding (and memory) takes it in small pieces (line by line, or paragraph by paragraph) into your heart and mind, you absorb the Bible into your heart and mind. If you only repeat parts of the Bible often enough, you will remember it. All you have to is to repeat the Bible until you remember. You can start with the book of Philippians. The first page may take some time, but you will accelerate with each page memorized.
By the time you memorize 10 epistles and 1 Gospel, you won't feel lonely, even when by yourself. The Word of God is a field of words with treasure hidden underneath it. When you read it without the Holy Spirit it's merely words and seem not so interesting. But when you pray for the Holy Spirit (every day you should) to dwell in your heart, then when you read, the words come alive. Paul and Peter directly write to you from heaven, and so does God Himself through the words. The Bible is not some "general information" with neutral stance. The Bible is actively specifically written for you. Paul writes to you, (add your name), so that from reading his writings your spiritual life may get reinforced.

Also, please notice that the Lord Jesus gets up before dawn to pray by himself. (Mark 1:35). He also rather gets away from crowds to pray by himself (Matthew 14:23, Mark 6:46). You should not be afraid of sitting or standing apart. It is necessary for prayer life. Also, sometimes people will set you apart from them (including unfaithful Christians), blessed are you when it happens: Luke 6:22. You share the same happenings as the Lord while he walked the earth, you share the same happy ending with Him in heaven.

Through much tribulations we must arrive in the kingdom of heaven. Acts of Apostles 14:22

Sister, remember to go to God. The Lord is your Pastor (Psalm 23:1). If you depend on a person on earth (including friends), you'll get disappointed. Please go to God first, He is above all pastors. Pray to Him before you try to seek companion with people.