Vocation for Peter Brouwer


I wonder

if you ever missed it,

the woodwork, I mean.  

Healing and pronouncing parables

are all very important

but what about having a day off

from all those sinners?

Didn’t you ever wish for a day

spent in the workshop

with Joseph

some oak

and some shavings?

I’ve seen the pictures

    little curved saws

    bow drills


and they look intriguing

to a Canada-Tired


powertool buyer

who always wants

one more.                          

Did you get sick of it?  

All the miracles you performed

just to show people who you were

just to open eyes to the shape

    size color flavor

    of forgivenenss

    of life

just to help them savor

the gift they had been given by

their Father

the one who

cares about

their lives

on earth

in carpenters’ shops

fishing boats

and toll booths?

I wonder

if you wished you could

just sit

and peel a willow

whittling away

with Simon Peter

and talking tilapia.

Come quickly:

I have willows aplenty

lots of time

and an inclination

to go fishing,

having already

been caught

and released.

                           —Curt Gesch