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Q I don’t have a question, but rather an insight that startled and humbled me. For years, the worship leaders in our congregation have practiced this routine once every other month: they have five or six children each play one piano piece as a prelude to worship. The worship purist in me was upset and concluded we were giving up preludes that truly prepared us for worship for a “cutesy kid show.”

But now I know I was wrong. It took me a long time to see this, because the “cute kids” of seven years ago are now confident teen members of our worship teams. Now I see that our worship leaders were preparing these children to serve as leaders. One of these teens has told me that she plans to study worship in college with the hope of finding a full-time worship ministry position.

I’m joyfully grateful to admit that I was wrong.

A Thirty years ago I served as an elder for the first time, and when I look back on those early visits that I made, I realize that I felt like a 6-year-old playing the piano with two fingers. But I also realize that the opportunities that I’ve had to serve as an elder have stretched my faith and my own sense of calling and strengthened me for leadership. That same principle has served these young children that you refer to very well.

Every Christian is a leader in some way. And the more we can call forth such leadership dynamics from every generation in the church, the stronger the church will be.

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